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Daily Backup Shared Hosting 15€ p/month
Daily Backup Dedicated Server 100€ one time setup (linked to disk size subject to change)) + 30€ p/month
Shared Hosting Migration From Other Host 10€ per domain (include SQL)
Dedicated Server Migration From Other Host 75€ per server (Root password from other host required)
Dedicated Server Apache - php rebuild for extra modules 35€
Dedicated Server Memory Upgrade 80€ each 2gb module Kingston memory only
Dedicated Server Extra Disk Space 500Gb = 90€ / 1 TB = 175€ / 2TB = 275€ (WD Raid Edition Disks Only)
Extra Dedicated Ip Address 10€ IP p/month
SSL Certificate + Setup 100€ Year
Extra Bandwidth Usage See Web Hosting plans for more infos
Shared Web Hosting Upgrade to Higher Plan FREE
Shared Web Hosting Upgrade to Dedicated Server Free Subject to dedicated server setup costs
FTP transfers no limit
High Level Sysadmin work on request 50€ p/hour
Create domain account on request by customer 5€ p/account created


All our Adult Hosting plans include free customer support 24/7
We will keep your server online and repair any failure!